Air Date In-Studio Panel Out-of-Studio Celebrities Location and Activity
November 28, 1954 Kitty Carlisle, Hy Gardner, Jayne Meadows Sue Oakland
Cliff Norton
Gene Raymond
West Point on blind date with Cadet
Rockefeller Plaza skating rink with Dick Button
Toy city in Macy's, playing Santa
December 5, 1954 Sue Oakland, Gene Raymond, Kitty Carlisle Cliff Norton
Audrey Meadows
Hy Gardner
Roosevelt Raceway, antique car race
Princeton, dances with Male Chorus Line
Filmed: Waldorf, Jack Benny picks up check
December 12, 1954 Kitty Carlisle, Cliff Norton, Sue Oakland Gene Raymond
Hy Gardner
Audrey Meadows
Washing windows on Empire State Building
Chinatown, eating dinner with Adrian Ormsbee
Filmed: Burning money at Chicago Federal Reserve
December 19, 1954 Hy Gardner, Audrey Meadows, Gene Raymond Cliff Norton
Sue Oakland
Kitty Carlisle
Chicago Stockyards, counting sheep
Theatre Basement, wrapping Michael McGarvey into a Christmas parcel
Grand Central Station, singing with the New Haven Railroad Glee Club
December 26, 1954 Kitty Carlisle, Gene Raymond, Sue Oakland Hy Gardner
Audrey Meadows
Cliff Norton
Unknown. Available information per Lee's closing comments on the previous week's show.

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