Week Aired Chair 1 Chair 2 Chair 3 Chair 4
Pilot Pat Collins John Wade Stephani Cook Joel Siegel
1 Pat Collins Nipsey Russell Margaret Trudeau John Wade
2 Joel Siegel Jean Marsh Gene Rayburn Kitty Carlisle
3 Rex Reed Stephani Cook Gene Rayburn Sally Ann Howes
4 Nipsey Russell Tiiu Leek Gordon Jump Kitty Carlisle
5 Nipsey Russell Pat Collins Soupy Sales Kitty Carlisle
6 Bill Cullen Fannie Flagg Soupy Sales Peggy Cass
7 John Wade Susan Lucci Bill Cullen Polly Bergen
8 Soupy Sales Lynn Redgrave Jay Johnson Peggy Cass
9 Nipsey Russell Rita Moreno Dick Van Patten Kitty Carlisle
10 Soupy Sales Lani O'Grady John Wade Pat Collins
11 Soupy Sales Fannie Flagg Robert Mandan Peggy Cass
12 Nipsey Russell Lynn Redgrave Gordon Jump Kitty Carlisle
13 Bill Cullen Tiiu Leek John Wade Peggy Cass
14 Bill Cullen Pat Collins Dick Clark Polly Bergen
15 Soupy Sales Lynn Redgrave Barry Nelson Kitty Carlisle
16 John Wade Pat Collins Joel Siegel Peggy Cass
17 Soupy Sales Mary Ann Mobley John Wade Peggy Cass
18 Nipsey Russell Anita Gillette Soupy Sales Fannie Flagg
19 Soupy Sales Fannie Flagg Tom Seaver Peggy Cass
20 Nipsey Russell Polly Bergen Henry Morgan Kitty Carlisle
21 Gordon Jump Peggy Cass Jay Johnson Kitty Carlisle
22 Nipsey Russell Anita Gillette John Wade Kitty Carlisle
23 Soupy Sales Pat Collins Dick Clark Peggy Cass
24 Nipsey Russell Pat Collins Tom Seaver Kitty Carlisle
25 Soupy Sales Anita Gillette Gene Rayburn Kitty Carlisle
26 Nipsey Russell Carole Shelley Soupy Sales Polly Bergen
27 Nipsey Russell Anita Gillette Gene Rayburn Polly Bergen
28 Soupy Sales Anita Gillette Jay Johnson Pat Collins
29 Soupy Sales Carole Shelley Tom Seaver Kitty Carlisle
30 Nipsey Russell Carole Shelley Soupy Sales Pat Collins
31 Soupy Sales Pat Collins Henry Morgan Peggy Cass
32 Nipsey Russell Marcia Rodd Rex Reed Kitty Carlisle
33 Soupy Sales Anita Gillette John Wade Kitty Carlisle
34 Soupy Sales Carole Shelley Rex Reed Kitty Carlisle
35 Nipsey Russell Polly Bergen John Wade Kitty Carlisle
36 Soupy Sales Anita Gillette Rex Reed Pat Collins
37 Soupy Sales Marcia Rodd John Wade Carole Shelley
38 Nipsey Russell Anita Gillette Rex Reed Peggy Cass
39 Nipsey Russell Carole Shelley Soupy Sales Kitty Carlisle

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