International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
Australia Tell the Truth George Foster, Mike Williamson, Earle Bailey (1971-1972) Nine Network (1959-1965), Network Ten (1971-1972)
Canada (English) To Tell the Truth Don Cameron CTV 1962-1964
WMLTTTTChile Chile ¿Quién Soy Yo? (Who Am I?) Enrique Bravo Menadier Canal 13 (1967-1970)
TVN (1970-1979)
TTTTUK83Tell the Truth 1984Tell the Truth England Tell the Truth MacDonald Hobley (1957-1958)
David Jacobs (1959)
Shaw Taylor (1961)
Graeme Garden (1983-1985)
Fred Dinenage (1989-1990)
ITV (1957-1961, 1989-1990)
Channel 4 (1983-1985) 
Sag1Images (3)Sag die Wahrheit logo Germany Sag Die Wahrheit (Tell The Truth) Hans Sachs
Wolf Mittler
Guido Baumann
Hans Stotz
Bernd Stephen
Ruben Gerd Bauer
Michael Antwerpes 
ARD (1959-1971)
Bayerisches Fernsehen (1986-1995)
SWR (2003-present)
Verit 002 jpg xeyrVerit 001 jpg jjvr Italy La verita (The Truth) Marco Balestri Canale 5 (1990-1991)
Rete 4 (1991-1995)
Wie van de drie titel 1983Wie van de drie titel 1994Wie van de drie titel 1997Wie van de drie titel 2011 Netherlands Wie van de drie (Which of the Three) Nand Baert (1963-1967)
Pim Jacobs (1967-1968)
Emmink Herman (1971-1982)
Flip van der Shale (1983)
Fred Oster (1985)
Caroline Christensen (1991)
Rob van Hulst (1994)
Jos Kuijer (1995)
Joop Braakhekke (1997)
Ron Brandsteder (2010-2013)
AVRO (1963-1983, 1985, 1994-1997)
RTL4 (1991)
Oproep MAX (2010-2013)
To Tell the Truth Thailand Alt Thailand To Tell the Truth (Thailand) Contract Kutsan ONE HD (2016-present)
Samozvanci Ukraine Самозванці


Anton Lirnyk ICTV (2011-2012)

NOTE: The Chilean version was part "To Tell the Truth" and part "What's My Line?".


Samozvanci Website

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