International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
Australia The Better Sex Mike Preston and Ann Sidney Nine Network (1978)
TheBetterSexUK England The Better Sex (1978)
Who's Bluffing Who? (1991)
Jack McLaughlin and Lesley Blair (1978)
Richard Cartridge and Ulrika Jonsson (1991)
STV (1978)
Thames (1978)
BBC1 (1991)
Arton2394 France Question de Charme (Question of Charm) Georges Beller and Daniela Lumbroso Antenne 2 (1991-1992)

Additional NoteEdit

  • In France, under the title Question de Charme (Question of Charm) the format was acquired by TF1 in 2010 in order to revive the series as a primetime show in 2011. however, the project was never materialized and was scrapped later on in development.


TF1 a acquis "The Better Sex", un nouveu format de jeu (WARNING: The article is in French-language)

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