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June 2, 1983 for CBS
Run time
30 Minutes
Nipsey Russell
Bob Hilton

Star Words was a Tattletales-like word game show pilot.


Two teams of two (consisting of one celebrity & one contestant) face-off in an unusual word game.

Main GameEdit

One partner was backstage and shown on a monitor, while the other picked two words from a board (for example PRESIDENT, PROTECTION, SEXUAL, FOOD, PLACE, CELEBRITY) and made an association. After this, the partner went away and the celebrity had to come up with an answer s/he thought the partner might say (for example, CELEBRITY PROTECTION might lead to BODYGUARD). The partner then appeared and, if s/he gave the correct answer, scored points.

The game was evidently meant to be played for laughs, as with the above example there could be combinations like SEXUAL PROTECTION or SEXUAL PRESIDENT.

Bonus GameEdit

10 words were shown. After Nipsey gave an association, the team had to say both parts (one person at a time) to win.


The SFX for rounds 1 & 2 of the main game when the words are reveled on at a time when a player has to "buzz-in" to pick two words from the board is borrowed from the "Face-Off" cue from Family Feud.
At the time, the show was once a contender to replace Child's Play, however, it lost in favor of Press Your Luck.
The pilot aired on Buzzr during their "Lost & Found" week on September 7, 2015 and again on September 14, 2017.


  • Working Girl March by Dave Grusin also used as a theme song for the 1986 game show pilot On a Roll, the 1983 pilot of Body Language (and much earlier than that, the hit 1982 film Tootsie).
  • The win cue was also used from the unsold 1980s game show pilot Puzzlers and the 1983 pilot of Body Language later on.


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Spell Binders & Star Words Pilot Intros

Spell Binders & Star Words Pilot Intros

Star Words 1983 - Pilot A

Star Words 1983 - Pilot A

Star Words - Pilot 3

Star Words - Pilot 3

Star Words (1983) Closing

Star Words (1983) Closing