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Week of Celebrity Guests
6/30/1975 Sally Struthers, Dick Gautier, Joyce Bulifant, Ron Masak
7/7 Gregory Sierra, Jamie Farr, Mary Ann Mobley, Conny Van Dyke
7/14 Elaine Joyce, Avery Schreiber, Linda Kaye Henning, Leslie Nielsen
7/21 Struthers, Orson Bean, Stubby Kaye, Marcia Wallace
7/28 Masak, Richard Dawson, Lorna Luft, Udana Power
8/4 Gautier, Abby Dalton, Keir Dullea, Beverly Garland
8/11 Gary Burghoff, Louise Lasser, Bill Dana, Altavise Davis
8/18 Van Dyke, George Maharis, Betty White, Allen Ludden
8/25 Jack Cassidy, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Ross Martin, Susan Tolsky
9/1 Burghoff, Dalton, Henning, Greg Morris
9/8 Dawson, Joyce, Gene Rayburn, Bernadette Peters
9/15 Bean, Ruta Lee, Don Galloway, Lucie Arnaz
9/22 Nielsen, Bulifant, Anita Gillette, Jimmy Hampton
9/29 Masak, Ludden, White, Lee Meriwether
10/6 Gautier, Garland, Joan Collins, Robert Reed
10/13 Dullea, Ross Martin, Rhonda Bates, Shari Lewis
10/20 Joyce, Dawson, Peters, Rayburn
10/27 Ann Mobley, Manners, Meriwether, Bill Elliott
11/3 Burghoff, Clifton Davis, Jamie Farr, Maxine Andrews
11/10 Peters, Dalton, Ron Glass, Robert Morse
11/17 Struthers, Bean, Ellen Corby, Michael Bell
11/24 Gautier, Brothers, Mike Farrell, Karen Morrow
12/1 Masak, Joyce, Dullea, Julie Gregg
12/8 Van Dyke, Reed, Martin, Lynn Redgrave
12/15 Struthers, Nielsen, Henning, Dawson
12/22 Morris, Robert Urich, Tina Cole, Vicki Lawrence

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