Say When!! 1960 Test Pilot
Say When!! 60s Pilot
Say When!! Final 1960 Logo
Test Episode, December 20, 1960
NBC Daytime, Tuesday, January 3, 1961 – Thursday, March 25, 1965
Run time
30 Minutes
Art James
Wayne Howell
NBC Studio 6B, New York City, New York

Say When!! is the four year old game show where contestants picked prizes while trying not to go over a predetermined amount. 

Game formatEdit

On this show, two contestants picked off prizes from a group of four. Each time a prize was chosen, a new one replaced it. For each prize selected, its value was added to the player's score. The goal was to have the total of all the prizes chosen to come closer to a set amount than his/her opponent without going over. Anything over the goal amount was a loss. To prevent this from happening, a player in control could decide to "freeze" if the next prize chosen would put him/her over the top. If the contestant's total matched the goal, he/she not only won the game, but also won a "blank check", good for 100 cases of a product. The first player to win two out of three games won the match.



Art James sang "It's Christmas Time Again" on the December 24, 1964 episode, this was the first time he had sung on national television.

This was the first game show hosted by Art James.

At one time, Art was doing a plug for Peter Pan peanut butter. It seemed like he was doing fine, until the minute he put a knife into the jar, which caused the bottom of it to break off and the knife to go through it. He couldn't stop laughing while he finished doing the commercial.

International VersionsEdit

Main Article: Say When!!/International


Parker Brothers (1961)Edit

Released a board game based on the show in 1961.


Episode StatusEdit

Only one episode is known to exist. A blooper clip also exists.


Say When!! Pilot28:22

Say When!! Pilot

Say When!! 1962 Episode24:56

Say When!! 1962 Episode

Say When!! blooper clip, 196401:47

Say When!! blooper clip, 1964

Say When game show with Art James Part 117:33

Say When game show with Art James Part 1

Say When game show with Art James Part 211:16

Say When game show with Art James Part 2

SAY WHEN opening credits NBC game show00:47

SAY WHEN opening credits NBC game show



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