Ep. # Episode Title Aired
1x01 The Ugly Duckling 1959-10-06
1x02 Prescription for Murder 1959-10-13
1x03 Buddy Boy 1959-10-20
1x04 Death in the Family 1959-10-27
1x05 Mama's Boy 1959-11-03
1x06 Child of Virtue 1959-11-10
1x07 Bum Rap 1959-11-17
1x08 Temple of Love 1959-11-25
1x09 The Mogul 1959-12-01
1x10 Hit and Run 1959-12-08
1x11 Mother Dear 1959-12-15
1x12 The Hunger 1959-12-22
1x13 Ricochet 1959-12-29
1x14 The Scarlet "A" 1960-01-05
1x15 Standard for Murder 1960-01-12
1x16 Poor Lilli, Sweet Lilli 1959-01-19
1x17 Death Takes a Lover 1960-01-26
1x18 One Ring for Murder 1960-02-02
1x19 Gem of a Murder 1960-02-09
1x20 Time to Kill 1960-02-16
1x21 Murder in the Stars 1960-02-23
1x22 Murder by the Book 1960-02-29
1x23 Murder is a Grave Affair 1960-03-07
1x24 Murder is Dead Wrong 1960-03-14
1x25 Last Call for Murder 1960-03-21
1x26 You Kill Me 1960-03-28

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