February 1, 1986, NBC Studio #3
Run time
30 Minutes
Jamie Farr
Gene Wood

Oddball was an unsold pilot for which in turn was a remake of the short-lived 1964 ABC daytime game show Get the Message.


Main GameEdit

The eight celebrities were segregated by gender and were augmented by one civilian contestant. The civilians went off stage as the eight celebrities wrote down a one-word clue to the 'password' in hopes that their civilian player would guess that 'password'. After all eight celebrities wrote down their words, they were revealed to weed out any duplicates, with only the words that were unique being kept into play. Once that was done, the civilians were brought out of their isolation booths. One player would then see his or her teams' responses and would try to guess the word. If they were unable, the other player tried to guess the word using both those clues and the clues of his or her team. The first was worth $100, while the second was worth $200.

The third round was worth $400 ($100 more than the previous two rounds combined) This time, the part where the celebrities revealed whether or not they had duplicated each other was eliminated. Instead, the two players came out and alternated getting a clue from one of their teammates. If the clue was not a repeat nor illegal, the player could guess. The player guessing correctly won the round and the game and moved on to the "One Shot Jackpot".

One Shot JackpotEdit

The "One Shot Jackpot" was a progressive jackpot (on this show worth $20,000, going up $5,000 per miss) and involved all eight celebrities. The contestants went back into isolation and all eight contestants were given a chance to write a one word clue. The contestant came back out, and picked players one at a time in attempt to guess the final word. The game was over when either a duplicate was revealed or the player guessed incorrectly (hence the 'One Shot'). On this episode, the player despite getting eight unique clues could not guess "dribble".

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