International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
NYSIAustralia85NowYouSeeItAustralia Australia Now You See It Mike Meade & Melvin the Robot (1985-1990)
Sofie Formica (1991-1993)
Scott McRae (1998-2000)
Seven Network (1985-1993)
Nine Network (1998-2000)
NowYouSeeItIndonesia Indonesia Temukan Kata Nico Siahaan
Irgi Ahmad Fahrezi
Kompas TV (2012-2013)
NowYouSeeItUKNow You See It UK '94 United Kingdom Now You See It, Celebrity NYSI , Children's NYSI Johnny Beattie (1981-1984)
Jack McLaughlin (1985-1986)
Grant Stott (1993)
Fred MacAulay (1994-1995)
Scottish Television/ITV (1981-1986, 1993, 1994-1995)


Temukan Kata (Indonesia)

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