Michael Burger

Michael Burger
Name Michael Burger
Born June 10, 1957
Place Long Beach, California
Occupation Actor, Comedian, Game Show Host, Talk Show Host

Michael Burger (born June 10, 1957 in Long Beach, California) is an American actor & TV personalty. He hosted the 1997 season of the Family Challenge after previous host Ray Combs died. He also hosted 1998-99 version of Match Game. He currently hosts Price is Right Live!. These days he's an audience warm-up man for the TV Land sitcom Hot in Cleveland running from 2010 until 2015 (famed game show personality Betty White is one of the stars).

He also hosted live stage versions of Family Feud and The Price is Right respectively.

Goodson-Todman Show HostedEdit

Match Game (1998-1999)


His Official Website

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