Match Game Canada 2012
The Comedy Network (10/15/2012-present)
Darrin Rose

This is chronicling the Canadian version of Match Game.


Similar to the 1990 U.S. Shafer version; two rounds were played with all six celebrities participating in both rounds and each match is worth 50 points (100 points starting in season 2). The third round is called "Match-Up! with each contestant given 45 seconds to match his or her chosen celebrity partner and successful matches are again worth 50 points (100 starting in season 2). The contestant with more points at the end of this round wins the game and receives the cash equivalent of their score (ex: if the champion's final score was 450 points, the payoff would by $450).

Unlike any previous version, the Audience Match portion of the "Super Match" is not played for a payoff, but simply to determine the value of the Head-to-Head Match. The potential payoffs are $2,000-$1,5000-$1,000 ($2,500-$2,000-$1,500 starting in season 2) or $500 ($1,000 in season 2) for an unsuccessful match. If the champion manages a lucky Star Wheel spin, as in earlier versions, the value is doubled for a payoff of up to $4,000 ($5,000 starting in season 2).




Some of the panelist from this version also appeared in the 2016 ABC version from America including: Caroline Rhea, Horatio Sanz, D.L. Hughley and Ice-T.


Match Game (Canada) Promo 100:31

Match Game (Canada) Promo 1

Match Game (Canada) Promo 200:32

Match Game (Canada) Promo 2

Match Game (Canada) Promo 3-000:31

Match Game (Canada) Promo 3-0

Match Game (Canada, 2012)21:24

Match Game (Canada, 2012)

Match Game (Canada 2012)22:19

Match Game (Canada 2012)

Match Game (S1)00:30

Match Game (S1)

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