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Match Game 2016 Alt
Match Game 2016-Alt
ABC Primetime, June 26, 2016-present
Run time
60 Minutes
Alec Baldwin
Steve French
ABC Studio 24, New York, New York

This is chronicling the 2016 version of Match Game.

Game formatEdit

The object of the game was to match as many of the celebrities as they can. At the beginning of each round, one contestant had a choice of two questions (A or B) leaving the other one for the other contestant. Each contestant was read a statement with a blank at the end or near the end. Then the six celebrities wrote down their answers to fill in the blank. When finished, the contestant in control gave an answer of his/her own after which the stars revealed their answers. Each time the contestant matched he/she scored a point. The game was played in two rounds and the player who had matched the most at the end of round two won the game. The winner of the game won the right to play the $25,000 Super Match.

Super MatchEdit

The winner of the game goes on to this round where it consist of the Audience Match and the Head-to-Head Match segments for a possible $25,000. the Super Match board consist of a video monitor that's been housed by a setup similar to the 1973-78 era.

Audience MatchEdit

A two to four word fill-in-the-blank phrase is given, and it is up to the contestant to choose the most frequent responses written down in a poll of a recent studio audience. After consulting with three celebrities of the panel for help, the contestant chooses an answer they like the best or one of their own that they think of themselves. The answers are then revealed and the most frequent response to the poll is worth $5,000 while the second most frequent was $3,000 and the third most frequent was $2,000. However, if a contestant fails to make a match at all, then he or she will still receive $1,000 regardless of the outcome.

Head-to-Head MatchEdit

The contestant had an opportunity to win five times that amount (i.e. $25,000; $15,000; $10,000; $5,000) by matching another fill-in-the-blank response with a celebrity panel of his or her choice. In order to win, the contestant's response has to match exactly with the celebrity (This means multiple forms of the same word in either singular or plural are usually excepted whereas synonyms will not be) If successful, the contestant wins the big money.



Set PicsEdit


  • This is the second revival of the franchise to be aired on the network, the first was the daytime version from 1990 until 1991, hosted by Ross Shafer (originally Bert Convy).
  • This is the second version to be taped in New York City, the first was the original NBC version (just simply called The Match Game) that ran from 1962 until 1969 hosted by the late Gene Rayburn.
  • It's current logo is a remake of the 1978-1982 era.
  • This version was paired up with Celebrity Family Feud (hosted by Steve Harvey) along with the revival of The $100,000 Pyramid (Hosted by Michael Strahan) as part of a Sunday Night Summer block called "Sunday Fun & Games" in 2016. In 2017, the show moved to Wednesday nights since then. Additionally, on April 2, the show replaced the short-lived, five episode run period drama/science fiction series Time After Time (not to be confused with the classic 1984 song by Cyndi Lauper of the same name).
  • Before the revival, in 2001, Baldwin also played as the late Charles Nelson Reilly in an "Inside the Actors Studio" skit on Saturday Night Live (SNL).
  • According to Baldwin, the actor will donate his appearance fee to arts-related organization via The Hilaria and The Alec Baldwin Foundation.
  • Before becoming one of the rotating "panelists" in this version, former Reno 911! star and former host of Clean House Niecy Nash was one of the "panelists" on the unaired TBS pilot hosted by Andy Daly in 2008.


Match Game on ABC Promo 1 - Premieres June 26th

Match Game on ABC Promo 1 - Premieres June 26th



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