Match Game (1987) was a proposed revival.




Gene Rayburn


After 13 weeks and several disputes with the producers, Gene Rayburn was fired from the 1985 version of Break the Bank (later replaced by Joe Farago) and by late 1986, was once again available. A January 19, 1987 issue of Broadcasting & Cable featured a two-page trade advertisement that promoted another five-a-day week strip revival attempt for syndication with Rayburn as host for the Fall of 1987. The advertisement featured a glowing red-colored version of the 1978-82 logo and was promoted as "The all-new Match Game" where it promises that it "will glow red hot on your station". The trade ad also featured a "celebrity panel" with "the biggest names in entertainment" plus a "big cash prize for lots of excitement". A company called Coca-Cola Telecommunications was to syndicate the program.

Trade AdEdit


A January 19, 1987 issue of Broadcasting & Cable (Match Game included)

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