International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
Blankety Blanks 1977-1978BlanketyBlanks85Blankety Blanks 1996 Australia Match Game (1960s), (Graham Kennedy's) Blankety Blanks (1977-1979), Blankety Blanks (1985-1986, 1996-1997) Michael McCarthy (1960s)
Graham Kennedy (1977-1979)
Daryl Somers (1985-1986)
Shane Bourne (1996-1997)
Network Ten (1960s, 1977-1979)
Nine Network (1985-1986, 1996-1997)
MatchGameCanada Canada (English) Match Game Darrin Rose The Comedy Network (2012–2013)
1238722 602163146503261 1714029091 nMatchGameCanadaFrench Canada (French) L'union fait la farce (1976-1978)
Atomes Crochus (2010-2016)
Serge Belair, Raymond Lemay
Alexandre Barrette (2010-2016)
TVA (1976–1978)
V (2010–2016)
Image024Blankety Blank

Blankety-blankBlanketyBlankBlankety blank 1988Blankety blank '88Image025LsbbLily Savage's Blankety BlankBlanketyBlankLARGE1-1-

England Blankety Blank (1979-1990, 1997-1999, Christmas Special/2016), Lily Savage's Blankety Blank (2001-2002) Terry Wogan(1979–1983)
Les Dawson(1984–1990)
Lily Savage/Paul O'Grady (1997–1999, 2001-2002)
David Walliams (2016)
BBC 1 (1979-1990, 1997-1999)
ITV  (2001-2002; Christmas Special/2016)
MatchGameFrance France Les Bons Genies Patrice Laffont France 2 (1996)
V6520Punkt1 Germany Schnickschnack (1975-1977)
Punkt, Punkt, Punkt (1991-1994)
Klaus Wildbolz (1975-1977)
Mike Krüger (1991-1994)
ARD (1975-1977, 1991)
Sat.1 (1992–1994)
Japan Ai Ai game Yamashiro Shingo Fuji TV 1979-1985
MG Indonesia Indonesia Match Game Indonesia Arie Untung GTV (2018-present)
Mexico Espacio en Blanco Mauricio Barcelata Televisa (2006)
Netherlands 1980s
17458096 1823981211194293 8412893740107150704 n-1- Vietnam Sieu Sao Doan Chu Dai Nghia HTV7 (2017)

Game Show MarathonEdit

Logo Country Show Title Game Title Host Aired
GSMUK07Ec4c60df540ade2ccec91dd8345f2f5c-1- United Kingdom Vernon Kay's Gameshow Marathon Blankety Blank Vernon Kay ITV (2007)

Additional NotesEdit

  • The original 1975 German edition ("Shnickshnack") was briefly mentioned and referenced by Gene Rayburn on an episode of Match Game '75. additionally, they even played a round by using the shows title as well.
  • some versions if not all have formats were based on the short-lived 1990-91 Shafer version (i.e. Germany ['91 version], France and Canada [both in English/'12 version and French/'10 version] languages). In addition some version's sets were based on the original 1973-82 Rayburn version (i.e. Australia ['77 version], Canada ['78 version/French-language only] and Germany ['75 version]).


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