Lacey Pemberton
Lacey Pemberton
Name Lacey Ann Pemberton
Born March 16, 1956
Place Chicago, Illinois
Cause of Death
Lacey Ann Pemberton (born March 16, 1956 in Chicago, IL) is a former American Model & Actress and a reality show casting director.

Lacey was a successful top model in the early 1980s as her gorgeous looks and pictorials possibly landed her a job where she became even more popular than ever before: one of the two Card Dealers on the newly CBS Daytime version of Card Sharks hosted by Bob Eubanks (1986-1989) and the syndicated, nighttime version hosted by Bill Rafferty (1986-1987).

In the summer of 1988, Lacey temporarily left series after announcing she and her husband were expecting a child. She gave birth to a baby boy and returned to the set of Card Sharks on December 12, that same year.  It may be possible that Lacey might have been the first dealer in all versions of Card Sharks combined to expect a child.

When the show ended in March 1989, Lacey parted ways the TV and modeling business and has kept a low profile. She began working behind the cameras, most notably becoming a casting director of the reality series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

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