It's Predictable
June 13, 1970
Run time
30 Minutes
Johnny Olson
Gene Rayburn

It's Predictable was an unsold game show pilot where three contestants try to predict how a group of pre-recorded individuals responded.

Game FormatEdit

The game was played in three different rounds.

The Prediction GameEdit

Rayburn posed a question to the three contestants (ex: "What is your least favorite household chore?") as the contestants tried to predict on how a group of pre-recorded individuals responded. Each time a player's answer matched to that of the respondents correctly, then he or she earned 10 points.

The Memory GameEdit

Immediately following The Prediction Game, the three contestants were shown the face of the respondent. The first contestant to buzz-in attempted to recall which answer was given by the respondent. A correct recollection added 20 points to the contestant's score, but a wrong recollection deducted 20 points from a contestant's score. This round continued until the "Time's Up" signal was heard.

After three rounds of the Prediction/Memory Game, the contestant with the highest score won $100 and move on to the bonus round called "The Jury Game".

The Jury GameEdit

Comprised of thirteen unmarred women. Three Yes or No questions were asked (ex: "Do you sleep in the nude?") as the contestant tried to predict on how the majority responded. Each correct prediction was worth an additional $100 to the contestant's score.


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