It's News to Me 1951 Debut
It's News To Me alt
It's News to Me2
It's News to Me
CBS Primetime Special, May 11, 1951
CBS Primetime, Monday, July 9, 1951 – Saturday, September 12,1953
CBS Primetime, Friday, July 9, 1954 – Friday, August 27, 1954
Run time
30 Minutes
John Daly 1951-1953
Walter Cronkite 1954
Art Hannes
Bill Hamilton
Bob Sherry
Bob Dixon
Mansfield Theatre, New York City, New York

It's News to Me was a precursor to Liar's Club and somewhat a derivative of What's My Line?

Game formatEdit

Each typical episode contains two contestant rounds, followed by a newsmaker round, and occasionally followed by an additional contestant round.

Round 1: Contestant RoundEdit

Each round was a bluffing game where contestants attempted to determine if answers that was given by one of the panelists was true or false.

The contestant was staked to $20 at the beginning of the game. The contestant and panelists were then shown an item or items including props, drawings, photographs, or motion picture/newsreel footage. Sometimes a dramatic performance (example: Goodson-Todman staffer Frank Wayne appears giving part of a speech) was presented. A panelist chosen by the emcee would then supply a story that would tie the item to a news event, past or present. The contestant would then decide if the panelist's story was true or false. The contestant earned $5 for a correct decision and $5 was deducted for an incorrect decision. Play continued until all four panelists had played and the contestant kept whatever money that was earned at the end.

Round 2: Newsmaker Round (Final Round)Edit

In this round, eyewitnesses or participants involved with news events in the past or present would play a game similar to "I've Got a Secret". The panelists would question the newsmaker to determine the identity of the news event. If the panel failed to identify the event, the newsmaker would receive $100.



John Daly was a journalist in real life.


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Episode StatusEdit

See Also: It's News to Me/Episode Guide

The status of most of the episodes is unknown. GSN has aired John Daly hosted episodes in the past.


IT'S NEWS TO ME with John Charles Daly - DEBUT (May 11, 1951)29:17

IT'S NEWS TO ME with John Charles Daly - DEBUT (May 11, 1951)

It's News to Me Opening01:14

It's News to Me Opening

It's News to Me (1954) Bob Turley04:42

It's News to Me (1954) Bob Turley

It's News To Me - July 20, 1952 (1)11:57

It's News To Me - July 20, 1952 (1)

It's News To Me - July 20, 1952 (2)13:48

It's News To Me - July 20, 1952 (2)

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