Syndicated, September 11, 1972 - June 4, 1973
Run time
30 Minutes
Steve Allen
Johnny Olson
Metromedia Studios, Los Angeles, California

This is chronicling the 1972 version of I've Got a Secret.

Game formatEdit

A panel of four celebrity guests faced one contestant or a group of contestants. Each contestant that appeared had a weird, fabulous, laughable and/or unusual secret. When the game started after the contestant came out & introduced himself/herself, the contestant whispered the secret into the host's ear, and the home audience was shown the secret. After that, the host would give a clue to the panel concerning the secret; that's when the questioning began. Each panelist one at a time in turn asked yes or no questions to the contestant in an attempt to guess the secret. The panelist in control would have an unmentioned amount of time to question the contestant. When the time was called by the producers and the panelist in control did not guess the secret, the next panelist in line would do the questioning. The process went on until either the secret was guessed, or until the entire panel questioned the contestant. After the game, the contestant would talk about his/her secret via the host's interview and sometimes a video/movie clip or demonstration would be shown.

Also on I've Got a Secret, celebrity guests played the game themselves. At the start of each show, the celebrity guest in question would introduce himself/herself followed by saying, "...and I've Got a Secret." The game was pretty much the same as with the regular contestants, but sometimes the panel would be off-stage in preparation of the game. Sometimes the secrets would be a personal secret, or something they were going to do that day.



According to one of the trade ads, this version was originally going to be hosted by Art Linkletter (of Kids Say the Darnedest Things fame) before Steve Allen.


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Episode StatusEdit

This series exists in its entirety, and has aired on GSN in the past.

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I've Got A Secret - 1972 (1)

I've Got A Secret - 1972 (1)

I've Got A Secret - 1972 (2)

I've Got A Secret - 1972 (2)

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