Gordon Elliott
Name Gordon Elliott
Born September 30, 1956
Place Everton, Liverpool, England
Occupation Game Show Host, Reporter, TV personality
Gordon Elliott (born 30 September 1956) is a British-born Australian journalist and producer.

Early life and early careerEdit

Elliott was born in Everton, Liverpool, England, in the United Kingdom but grew up in Lewisham, Australia. Gordon was educated at Christian Brothers' High School, Lewisham and attended the University of Sydney for a law degree. While studying as a Sydney student, Elliott worked part-time on a radio show and ended up on Good Morning Australia. After several jobs hosting morning news programs and landing work as the feature reporter on the Fox Television show A Current Affair (produced by New York's WNYW) in 1987, Elliott appeared as the house-entering feature reporter on WNYW's morning news program Good Day New York.

Mid-1990s to presentEdit

The 1990s saw him take turns hosting game and talk shows, including The Gordon Elliott Show from 1994–1997. In 1990, Elliott also hosted To Tell the Truth for two months before being replaced by Lynn Swann. In 2000, he hosted It's Your Chance of a Lifetime. Recently he has hosted the TV Food Network's programs Doorknock Dinners and Follow That Food and the Fine Living network's The Genuine Article, and was the TV pitchman for Campbell's Soup in the early 2000s.

He had a recurring role on Oz as the host of a game show that was popular with the inmates.

He formed his own production company, Follow Productions in 1999. This company produces Paula Deen's Home Cooking, Paula's Best Dishes and Paula's Party for Food Network. In 2007 he won a daytime Emmy for Best Lifestyle Series for his work on Paula's Home Cooking. Paula Deen won an Emmy for Best Lifestyle Series Host.

His company has produced many other lifestyle series for cable networks including Simply Wine with Andrea Immer, Pairings with Andrea, Best For Less, the first four seasons of Sandra Lee's Semi Home Made, We Live Here and Pocket The Difference. He is executive producer of both Food Network shows hosted by Pat and Gina Neely: Down Home with the Neelys and Road Tasted with the Neelys. In 2010, Elliot began producing Spice & Easy for Food Network. He is also the executive producer and off-screen announcer for the lifestyle show The Chew which premiered on 26 September 2011 on ABC.

Planned revival of PasswordEdit

In an article from a November 11, 1997 issue of Broadcasting & Cable magazine. It was reported that a planned revival of the classic game show Password was in the works for syndication with Elliott at the helm along with Pearson/All-American Television as producer. However, plans for it fizzled out later on.


He lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York, with his wife and three sons.

Goodson-Todman Shows HostedEdit

Goodson-Todman Show PlannedEdit

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