Season 1Edit

# Ep. # Aired Episode Title
1 1x01 30/Sep/1957 Silhouette of a Killer
2 1x02 07/Oct/1957 Circumstantial
3 1x03 14/Oct/1957 Lost and Found
4 1x04 21/Oct/1957 Encounter on a Second-Class Coach
5 1x05 28/Oct/1957 The Danger by Night
6 1x06 04/Nov/1957 Guests for Dinner
7 1x07 11/Nov/1957 Voices in the Fog
8 1x08 18/Nov/1957 On Edge
9 1x09 25/Nov/1957 Hurricane
10 1x10 02/Dec/1957 Souvenir
11 1x11 09/Dec/1957 The Crowd Pleaser
12 1x12 16/Dec/1957 Cupid Wore a Badge
13 1x13 23/Dec/1957 The Tinhorn
14 1x14 30/Dec/1957 The Face of Truth
15 1x15 06/Jan/1958 The Victim
16 1x16 13/Jan/1958 In the Dark
17 1x17 20/Jan/1958 The Fatal Charm
18 1x18 27/Jan/1958 Hidden Witness
19 1x19 03/Feb/1958 Music in the Night
20 1x20 10/Feb/1958 Night Caller
21 1x21 17/Feb/1958 The White Flag
22 1x22 24/Feb/1958 The Days of November
23 1x23 03/Mar/1958 Most Likely to Succeed
24 1x24 10/Mar/1958 Even a Thief Can Dream
25 1x25 17/Mar/1958 The Seventh Letter
26 1x26 31/Mar/1958 Taps for Jeffrey
27 1x27 07/Apr/1958 The Loudmouth
28 1x28 14/Apr/1958 A Frame for Mourning
29 1x29 21/Apr/1958 My Wife's Next Husband
30 1x30 28/Apr/1958 The Giant Step
31 1x31 05/May/1958 The Ticket
32 1x32 12/May/1958 The Lady Takes a Stand
33 1x33 19/May/1958 The Perfectionist
34 1x34 26/May/1958 Decision by Terror
35 1x35 02/Jun/1958 The Clock Strikes Twelve
36 1x36 09/Jun/1958 Disappearance
37 1x37 16/Jun/1958 Johnny Risk
38 1x38 23/Jun/1958 Three Years Dark
39 1x39 30/Jun/1958 Decoy Duck

Season 2Edit

# Ep. # Aired Episode Title
40 2x01 22/Sep/1958 The Chain and the River
41 2x02 29/Sep/1958 The Town Budget
42 2x03 06/Oct/1958 Strange Occurrence at Rokesay
43 2x04 13/Oct/1958 Lazarus Walks Again
44 2x05 20/Oct/1958 Coast to Coast
45 2x06 27/Oct/1958 Office Party
46 2x07 03/Nov/1958 The Spy
47 2x08 10/Nov/1958 The Guy in Ward 4
48 2x09 17/Nov/1958 Eddie
49 2x10 24/Nov/1958 The First Star
50 2x11 01/Dec/1958 The Reward
51 2x12 08/Dec/1958 Points Beyond
52 2x13 15/Dec/1958 Curtain Call
53 2x14 29/Dec/1958 The Dark File
54 2x15 29/Dec/1958 Coogan's Reward
55 2x16 05/Jan/1959 High Class Type of Mongrel
56 2x17 12/Jan/1959 Afternoon of the Beast
57 2x18 19/Jan/1959 A London Affair
58 2x19 26/Jan/1959 30 Pieces of Silver
59 2x20 02/Feb/1959 Goodbye, Johnny
60 2x21 09/Feb/1959 Success Story
61 2x22 16/Feb/1959 Corporal Hardy
62 2x23 23/Feb/1959 A Good Name
63 2x24 02/Mar/1959 Man of His House
64 2x25 09/Mar/1959 Of Missing Persons
68 2x29 06/Apr/1959 Ten Miles to Doomsday
70 2x31 20/Apr/1959 Girls About Town
72 2x33 04/May/1959 The Slightly Fallen Angel
74 2x35 18/May/1959 Boyden vs. Bunty (Dear Mom, Dear Dad)
76 2x37 01/Jun/1959 Medals for Harry
77 2x38 08/Jun/1959 Christabel
78 2x39 15/Jun/1959 The Best Way to Go

Season 3Edit

# Ep. # Aired Episode Title
80 3x02 21/Sep/1959 Another Day, Another Dollar
82 3x04 05/Oct/1959 Operation Spark
85 3x07 26/Oct/1959 Tom, Dick, and Harry
86 3x08 02/Nov/1959 The Day the Devil Hid
87 3x09 09/Nov/1959 The Golden Shanty
88 3x10 16/Nov/1959 Small Bouquet
90 3x12 30/Nov/1959 Shadow of Evil
91 3x13 07/Dec/1959 333 Montgomery Street
92 3x14 14/Dec/1959 The Long House on Avenue A
94 3x16 28/Dec/1959 The Hand
96 3x18 11/Jan/1960 Action Off Screen
98 3x20 25/Jan/1960 The Last Flight Out
100 3x22 08/Feb/1960 Minister Accused
101 3x23 15/Feb/1960 Morning Boat to Africa
102 3x24 22/Feb/1960 Face to Face
104 3x26 07/Mar/1960 Chinese Finale
106 3x28 21/Mar/1960 The Tweed Hat
108 3x30 04/Apr/1960 The Glorious Fourth
109 3x31 11/Apr/1960 Author at Work
110 3x32 18/Apr/1960 The Observer
112 3x34 02/May/1960 Forced Landing
114 3x36 16/May/1960 You Should Meet My Sister

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