Gene Rayburn
Name Eugene Rubessa
Born December 22, 1917
Place Christopher, Illinois
Died November 29, 1999 (aged 81)
Place Gloucester, Massachusetts
Cause of Death Congestive heart failure
Occupation Game Show Host, Announcer, TV and Radio Personality
Spouse Helen Ticknor Rayburn (1940–1996; her death)

Gene Rayburn (December 22, 1917 – November 29, 1999) was an American radio and television personality best known for hosting Match Game. Born Eugene Rubessa (pronounced /ruːˈbeɪʃə/) in Christopher, Illinois, he was an only child of Croatian immigrants and graduated from Knox College.

He chose his stage name by randomly pointing at a page in the telephone book, after being told Rubessa sounded "too Italian".

Buzzr Brackets (2016)Edit

In 2016, Rayburn became the winner of the "Buzzr Brackets" tournament on Buzzr (see "promotional stunts" for details)

Goodson-Todman Shows HostedEdit

Make the Connection (1955)
Choose Up Sides (1956)
The Match Game (1962-1969)
Play Your Hunch (1962)
It's Predictable (Pilot, 1970)
Match Game (1973-1982)
The Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour (Match Game Half only, 1983-1984)


Gene's LetterEdit