Family Feud Challenge 1992 Pilot
Feud 1992 pilot
Run Time
45-46 minutes (60 minutes with commercials)
Ray Combs
Gene Wood
CBS Television City Studio 33, Hollywood, California

This is chronicling the failed 1992 pilot of The Family Feud Challenge.


First HalfEdit

In the first half of the show, both families was staked with $2,000. Each team member was asked a question by Combs. The #1 answer was worth $1,000, while the #2 answer was worth $500 and the #3 answer was worth $250 for a possible grand prize of $7,000. Then, regular Feud is played (Single/Double/Triple) until somebody wins $300, followed by the Fast Money round in order to play for their "Bullseye" amount.

Second HalfEdit

The second half starts with a regular Feud game against a returning champion, However, instead of a bank built for one family, the bank is instead multiplied by $10 a point, then $20 a point in the next round and finally $30 a point in the last round and whichever family wins the round, that money would be added into their Fast Money bank. In addition, the "steal answer adds to the bank" rule is used here.

Another round of "Bullseye" is then played, where this time the "Bullseye" answer is worth $3,000 only for a potential amount of $15,000. Only the #1 answer is allowed here. Whichever family has the higher bank at the end of this round wins the game and goes on to play Fast Money for their "Bullseye" amount.


The cue when the "Bullseye" set comes down in this pilot is borrowed from the 1990 version of Match Game for when the "Star Wheel" came down on set.
In the Buzzr broadcast, the contestant tryout phone number for San Diego and Los Angeles respectively (as of which you can see at the bottom of the screen here) are blurred out which indicates that they are not "active" anymore. In addition, not even New Yorkers could try out.

Contestant Tryouts Blurred Phone Numbers

Although you hear Gene Wood saying the lines "Some contestants will receive...", there were no fee plugs during the end credits of the pilot as you only see Ray and the families clapping.
The pilot itself aired on Buzzr as part of their "Lost and Found" week on September 8, 2015.

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Family Feud Challenge Pilot

Family Feud Challenge Pilot