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Endless Games (1998-present)Edit

Endless Games have released six editions of Family Feud since 1998.

Including a Quick Picks game with and without former host John O'Hurley on the cover in 2010...

...and a Strikeout Card Game featuring current host Steve Harvey on the cover in 2011...

...A After Hours edition was released exclusively at Target in 2017...

...And a "40th Anniversary" edition (in order to commemorate the franchise' history) was also released in 2017. For this edition, the front covers resembles the Milton Bradley era of the 70s/80s and the board also resembles the Milton Bradley/Pressman era of the 70s/80s and 90s respectively. If you look closely at the old-school scores on the front cover of the box (76 on the left and 85 on the right) this is apparently referencing both the premiere and ending years of the original Dawson era of the series.

Unreleased box gamesEdit

Cardinal (2016-2017)Edit

Platinum Edition (2016)Edit

A "Platinum Edition" of the game was released by Cardinal at the time.

Star Wars Edition (2017)Edit

A "Star Wars Edition" of the game was released by Cardinal at the time.

Game CardsEdit

Cardinal (2015)Edit

as part of The Game Box, in this version one person plays the role as host, while the other players are the teams while competing in this survey showdown.

Party EditionEdit

Endless Games (2015)Edit

Released exclusively at Kohl's stores nationwide called Family Feud: Party Edition featuring current host Steve Harvey on the tin covered box, this version contains a survey question booklet, wipe-off answer board, marker and scoreboard.

Game Box (2016)Edit

Two "Game Box" edition with Disney and Marvel respectively were released at the time.

Card Games (Cardinal)Edit

The "Regular" and "Tin" versions were released at various Kohl's stores nationwide.

DVD GamesEdit

Imagination (2004-2007)Edit

Imagination Entertainment has released three Family Feud DVD Games since 2004. The first edition had Richard Karn on the cover. While in 2006, the second edition did not. In 2007, a third and final edition was released with John O'Hurley on the cover. 

Prior to this, a Movie Edition featuring John O'Hurley on the cover was also released in 2007... addition, a re-release of the 3rd edition with O'Hurley holding a card with the catchphrase and the 2007-10 logo printed on it was available at the time.

Prototype Box Covers

Video GamesEdit

Hasbro Interactive/Infogrames (2000)Edit

A PS1 and PC game (made by Artech Studios) was released by Hasbro Interactive in 2000 featuring Louie Anderson as the host. (NOTE: some of the sound effects from the actual show were used only in the PC version while the PS1 version did not.)

Prior to this, the PC version was re-released by Infogrames in the same year.

Playstation/PS1 versionEdit

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Clips from the PC VersionEdit

Original Game ArtworkEdit


Family Feud video game plug, 2000

Family Feud video game plug, 2000



Global Star Software/2K Play (2006,2008)Edit

Family Feud Webpage

A PS2, PC and Game Boy Advance/GBA video game made by Atomic Planet was released by Global Star Software in 2006. In both the PS2 and PC versions you start off with Karn's 2nd era set from 2005-2006, but for the first time ever in any Family Feud video game their are a set of four classic unlockable stages including the 1976-1985 Dawson era, 1988-1994 Combs era (pre '92-Bullseye), 1994-1995 Dawson (2.0) era and the 1999-2002 Anderson era (pre '01 logo on the floor) and you get to unlock clothing and accesories for your avatar, each time you reached a certain amount of cash after winning the Fast Money round. However, in the Game Boy Advance (GBA) version the one and only set you were allowed to play on is Karn's 1st era set from 2002-2005.


  • For the PS2 and PC versions of the game, the voice of the generic host was Todd Newton of Hollywood Showdown, Whammy!: The All-New Press Your Luck and Family Game Night fame.
  • The game was released before John O'Hurley was announced as the new host of the syndicated version, proceeding Richard Karn at the time.
  • due to "bugs" in the original 2006 version, the PC version was remade into a small jewel case cardboard box re-released by 2k Play in 2008.

Playstation 2/PS2 versionEdit

PC versionEdit

Game Boy Advance/GBA versionEdit

Unreleased Box ArtEdit

Ludia (2009-)Edit


2010 Edition (2009-2010)Edit

Family Feud: 2010 Edition was released for the Nintendo Wii, DS, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and PS3 via PSN from 2009 to 2010. for this version alone, its set was based on the 2008-2010 Roker/O'Hurley era (minus the studio audience in the back) in the single player mode you have only up to twelve shows to compete. each time you win a game you not only get to unlock another show but you also get to unlock new clothing for your avatar. the game also has a two player option as well.


  • For this game alone, almost reminiscent to that of the Dawson 1994-1995 version their are four members on each two teams instead of five.

Game Show Party "PS3 only" (2010)Edit

Nintendo Wii VersionEdit

Nintendo DS VersionEdit

PC VersionEdit

PS3 VersionEdit

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad VersionsEdit

Decades (2010-2011)Edit


Family Feud Decades was released for the Nintendo Wii, PC, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and PS3 via PSN from 2010-2011. Similar but not quite like the Global Star Software/2k Play 2006/2008 version you get to pick four different stages which includes: the 1976-1985 Dawson set, the 1988-1994 Combs set ('92-'94 "Bullseye" era without the "Bullseye" round), the 1999-2002 set (2001-2002 logo on the floor) and a repackaging of the 2008-2010 Roker/O'Hurley set (again minus the studio audience in the back) also this version has three levels of difficulty in: Easy, Medium and Hard modes. Even though you still get to unlock clothing for your avatar but only this time as an unlocked achievement from one of the four stages.


  • Unlike the Global Star Software/2k Play version from 2006/2008, the 1994-1995 Dawson (2.0), the Karn 2002-05/2005-06 and O'Hurley's 2006-08 sets are excluded from the game.
  • Also like its 2010 Edition counterpart the game stll has four members on each team instead of five.

Nintendo Wii VersionEdit

PC VersionEdit

PS3 VersionEdit

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad VersionsEdit

Sets from the gameEdit

2012 Edition (2011)Edit


Family Feud: 2012 Edition was released only for the Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360 in 2011. for the third version, it's set was a mash-up of the Roker/O'Hurley and Harvey era sets and unlike the 2010 Edition and Decades versions where you have only four members on each team, their are all five members on each team just like the Dawson ('76), Combs, Anderson, Karn, Roker/O'Hurley and Harvey versions of the show. It also has 16 theme weeks, and can include for up to 10 players for the Wii version (4 in the Xbox 360 version). including Challenge and Party modes.


  • You can also use your avatar as a contestant on the show which was excluded in the 2010 Edition and Decades versions respectively.
  • You can also unlock clips only from the Harvey era of the show as well.

Nintendo Wii VersionEdit

Xbox 360 VersionEdit

Theme Week SetsEdit

& Friends! (2011-2012)Edit


Prior to the 2012 Edition, and ios app called Family Feud & Friends! was released only for the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices from 2011 to 2012. For this version, you were allowed to play against your "Friends" online via Facebook with the ability to follow personal and friends' progress via daily high score rankings.

iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad & Android VersionsEdit

& Friends! 2 (2014)Edit


Prior to this, On April 24, 2014, Family Feud & Friends! 2 was released for Android, iOs & Facebook featuring:

  • New stunning graphics highlighting the popular TV Show.
  • Completely new set of surveys.
  • New power-ups to boost your chances of scoring for more points.
  • the ability to directly challenge friends and family or anyone from the larger Family Feud & Friends Community,
  • the all-new Tournament mode where you play live against seven players in order to become the world champion while winning tons of coins.
  • Enhanced predictive text input and auto-spell checker to make typing answers faster than ever.

its available only from for a free download. in addition, it was also released on iOS & Facebook later on August 1, 2014.

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Video Game TrailersEdit

2010 Edition (2009-10)Edit

Decades (2010-11)Edit

2012 Edition (2011)Edit

& Friends! 2 (2014)Edit

Electronic GamesEdit

Tiger Electronics (1999)Edit

Two years later, another electronic Family Feud handheld game was released by Tiger Electronics in 1999, in conjunction with the Louie Anderson syndicated revival of the show (for which of course the host is featured on the cover of the package).

In addition, former host Louie Anderson would sometimes do a little plug for the game before the start of the one strike only Triple Round (a.k.a Round Four).

Irwin Toys (2007)Edit

A tabletop and handheld game, based on the John O'Hurley version was released by now-defunct Canadian toy company called Irwin Toys in 2007.

Prototype PackageEdit

Tabletop VersionEdit

Handheld VersionEdit

The Bridge Direct Inc. (2016)Edit

In the summer of 2016, due to the show's (and the franchise's) 40th anniversary celebration, a single-player only electronic handheld game was released as this version featured multiple rounds of play that includes: "Fast Money", "Double" and "Triple Points Play". Just like in the show, the object was to guess the most popular answers to audience survey questions.

Unrelased versionEdit

Jakks Pacific (2006)Edit

On June 23, 2005's website claims that Jakks Pacific has secured the right from Fremantlemedia to make a Plug n' Play TV Games unit of Family Feud along with The Price is Right being expected to launch in 2006. However, while the TPIR Plug n' Play TV Games unit was released in 2009, The Family Feud Plug n' Play TV Games unit was never made nor have been released at all.

Scratch-off Lottery TicketEdit

Various states have included Family Feud scratcher games in many of their state lotteries.

Poster AdsEdit



Family Feud @ MDI
York Lottery Family Feud :30 TV & OOH

The Family Food SweepstakesEdit

Burger King (2012)Edit

In 2012, Burger King had a short-lived promotional game called The Family Food Sweepstakes, where you had to collect game pieces by scratching off the Top Answer to survey questions for a chance to win a Ninentdo 3DS Family Pack, a Kindle Fire, a 2013 Ford Explorer, a $10,000 BBQ Makeover, Trips to a taping of the show, Southwest Airline Airfare for a year, $100,000 in cash and more.



Family Food (Burger King)

Family Food (Burger King)


Burger King Family Food

Online gamesEdit

Uproar (1999)Edit

Family Feud Uproar Promo


A single-player online game based on the 1999 version was released by the now defunct website Prior to this, there was a chance to "let your voice be heard" by filling out online surveys just by selecting the most popular answer from the "drop down" list provided. When you were done, then you would click on the "Submit!" button at the bottom of your vote would be in the actual game. plus you get 50 iCoins just for taking part in the community.


Iwin (2005-2009, 2010)Edit

Since 2005, has released eight downloadable editions including:

  • Family Feud (I) (2005)
  • Family Feud: Holiday Edition (2005)
  • Family Feud: Hollywood Edition (2006)
  • Family Feud II (2007)
  • Family Feud: Dream Home (2008)
  • Family Feud: Double Play (a re-collection of Family Feud I & II from 2009)
  • Family Feud: Battle of the Sexes (2009)

An "Online Party" game was made in 2006.

Prior to this, the company has even made a Facebook version of the game in 2010 and has been upgraded since 2011.

Worldwinner (2007, 2010)Edit

On October 1, 2007 an online cash game was developed by in conjunction with GSN. in the original 2007 version, similar to Wheel of Fortune's Toss-Up round, where the letters would pop up randomly and you have to guess four word answers before getting the familiar three strikes. Also in the main game, there's a "Reveal Letter" button helping you to figure out the solution and a "Pass" button that allowed you to come back to a word if your stuck. Finally, you have the "Solve" button to type in the solution if you already know the answer. then you had to pick one of the four answers as the top answer to the question for more points.

2007 VersionEdit

2010 VersionEdit

the 2010 version played very similar to the actual show.

Worldwinner AdsEdit

Mobile GamesEdit

Mobliss (2003-2007)


In 2003, Mobliss, a seattle-based mobile game company released a cell phone version of Family Feud. that was available on Sprint, Verizon and Cingular.

Prior to this, they also released a "2.0" version in 2004...

...and a "Deluxe" edition in 2007.

Glu Mobile (2008)Edit

In 2008, Glu Mobile released a newer mobile version for other cell phone providers. It featured John O'Hurley on its cover of the game.


Game picsEdit


Family Feud Mobile - http www.familyfeudmobile

Family Feud Mobile - http

Family Feud's Fast CashEdit

In 2006, during O'Hurley's tenure their was an opportunity for viewers of the show to win $5,000 in cash by via text message.

Mobile Video AppEdit

On October 2, 2013, FremantleMedia teamed up with Beachfront Media to release a Mobile Video App for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices, where it allowed fans of the series to search and view their favorite content from past episodes all in one place. Such content can be viewed in categories including Greatest Hits, Audition Videos and Most Interesting Answers. Users can also save their favorite clips and then share them socially with their friends.

For iOS devices, The Family Feud app is available for free from the app store at [1], as for Android users they can download the app at at

Video Slot MachinesEdit

Silicon Gaming (2000)Edit

A slot machine game by the now-defunct company called Silicon Gaming (SDIG) based on the 1999-2002 version was released at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, they even had a room designed around the game. Complete with a rotating stage, large overhead screens along with a statue of Louie Anderson on the rooms' floor. However, only a year later after his departure from the show in 2002, MGM Grand scrapped their special area for good.

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IGT/International Game Technology (2002-2004)Edit

From 2002 until 2004, IGT (International Game Technology) tried their hands at making an all-new Family Feud video slot machine. Only this time, it featured original host Richard Dawson in five editions. Originally, the first two editions called Fast Money and Face-Off respectively were released in 2002, While the third and fourth editions called Bullseye and Triple Round respectively were released in 2003. Then their fifth and final edition called Family Feud Challenge was released in 2004. However, it's popularity was decreasing at the time.


Promotional AdsEdit

Fast Money (2002)Edit

Face-Off (2002)Edit

Bullseye (2003)Edit

Triple Round (2003)Edit

Family Feud Challenge (2004)Edit

Additional Note:

  • Despite Richard Dawson appearing in both versions, the "Bullseye" and "Family Feud Challenge" video slot titles are references to the Ray Combs eras of the franchise instead.

AGS/American Gaming Systems (2014)Edit

Feud AGS Slots logo

On October 2, 2012, AGS (American Gaming Systems) did a licensing agreement with Fremantlemedia Enterprises to do a brand new video slot machine based on Family Feud (along with Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? & Ripley's Believe It or Not) as part of their It Pays to Know series in the future. Two years later, the new slot machine was released in 2014 although its logo is based on the 2007-2010 O'Hurley era, the machine itself somewhat based on the current Harvey-era of the franchise. the machine is on the extra-tall AGS Skytower cabinet with game features played out on a 42-inch vertical top-box LCD monitor. The base game is a five-reel (four spaces per reel) "Ways to Win" game with wins triggered by adjacent symbols on the screen rather than paylines. In this case, the four-by-five configuration results in 1,024 possible winning combinations on every spin. There is a minimum bet of 50 credits. There is a five-level progressive jackpot triggered by four to eight jackpot symbols respectively scattered on the reels. The top jackpot resets at $5,000. Four or more game title symbols scattered on the reels trigger the bonus which can be one of three events where the player is prompted to touch one of the symbols to reveal either the Fast Money, Survey Says or For the Win bonus event.

  • In "Fast Money", five questions are provided, each displaying six possible answers. The player selects an answer, aiming for the most popular answer. Credit awards are associated with each answer that was included in the audience survey.
  • In "Survey Says", there are several answers among the choices that were not included in the survey which as on the show, triggers a red "X" symbol. Similarly to the actual show, the goal here is to answer all the questions correctly before revealing three "X" symbols which ends the bonus.
  • In "For the Win", it's a free-spin event with spins taking place on a bonus set of reels in the top box.

After each bonus is complete, a bonus multiplier is applied to the credits based on how many triggering symbols enacted the bonus.

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Compact DiscEdit

Imagination (2008)Edit

Audio CDEdit

Released by Imagination Entertainment in 2008.

Quiz BookEdit

Released by Imagination Entertainment in 2008.

Novelty ItemsEdit

Bobblehead DollEdit

A Bobblehead Doll with the likeness of John O'Hurley was released but not publicly.

Hat (again not publicly released)Edit

Clothing ApparelEdit

Various T-Shirt have been released thru online clothing stores.

Desktop CalendarsEdit

Only two desktop Calendars were released by Imagination in 2008 and 2009 respectively...

...And later by Calendar Ink in 2015...

...And again in 2016...

...And again in 2017...

Word Search Puzzle BooksEdit

In 2013, a company called Papp Puzzles, released a series of word search puzzle books called Family Feud Word Hunt Twice the Fun 2 Games in 1. And so far, only four volumes have been issued, all of whom which features current host Steve Harvey on the cover.