Combs Face-Off Podium in Space

Combs era 1988-1994Edit

RCombs Logo


Survey BoardEdit

Question Card (Front Cover)Edit

1987 Newpaper ArticleEdit

Press PhotosEdit


Ticket PlugEdit

Family Feud ticket plug, 199300:14

Family Feud ticket plug, 1993

Set PicEdit

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Screen CapsEdit

Contestant PlugsEdit


Family Feud contestant plug 2, 199300:21

Family Feud contestant plug 2, 1993

Question Cards from the seriesEdit

 1993 "Opryland" ScreencapsEdit

Artwork (Combs)Edit


Artwork (Celebrity/Charity Special logos) Edit

Dawson (2.0) era 1994-1995Edit

RDawson 1994 Logo

Trade AdsEdit

Press Photos & TicketEdit

Screen CapsEdit


A gallery of the 1994-1995 Dawson (2.0) Version

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