Digital Recreation of Pressman's "Family Feud" survey board from 1990.
Idealization of how Pressman should have designed the "Family Feud" survey board, as opposed to the above design.

1-900 Phone GameEdit

1-900-230-FEUD/Phone TV (1989)Edit


In 1989, their was a short-lived, 1-900 game called "1-900-230-FEUD" where you were allowed to "Play Family Feud at Home!" 24 hours a day and win valuable prizes like a U.S. Savings Bond, a color TV, CD Players and a trip to Los Angeles, California as a guest of the show. Some of the prizes mentioned above were provided by Sharp Electronics and each call were mostly a $1.50 a minute/75 cents for each additional minute. Commercials for the phone game were promoted by the late Ray Combs.

Board GamesEdit

Pressman (1990, 1993)Edit

Board games based on the 1988-1994 Combs version were released by Pressman for two editions in 1990 and 1993 as The New Family Feud, with the second edition updated to reflect the Bullseye round in use at the time.

Computer GamesEdit

Softie/Shardata (1989)Edit

A PC game for the DOS was released by Softie incorporated as The All New Family Feud in 1989.

Video GamesEdit

Gametek (1990, 1993-1994)Edit

Video Games for the NES, SNES, Genesis, 3DO and PC were manufactured by Gametek. (NOTE: for the NES version only the game's set is more or less loosely based on the 1976 era instead of the 1988 era.)

NES (1990)Edit

Original CoverEdit

Family Feud Spring 1989 Ad



SNES (1993)Edit

Sega Genesis (1993)Edit

3DO (1994)Edit

Gameplay ClipEdit

Family Feud (3DO)01:31

Family Feud (3DO)

PC (1994)Edit

Handheld GamesEdit

Tiger Electronics (1997-1998)Edit

Two years later, after the 1995 cancellation of the show, an electronic handheld game was released by Tiger Electronics in 1997 with three additional survey books and cartridges to go along with it.

Prior to this, in 1998, an electronic handheld "Travel" version was also released...

...and even more prior to this, the original unit was also re-released in 1998, which also included an extra cartridge.

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