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Milton Bradley era (1958-1982)Edit

Twenty-four editions were released from 1958-1982 (numbered 1-12 and 14-25; there was no 13th edition released). In addition, they also released a "Game Refill" pack and an "Educational" edition in 1964.

Editions 1-12Edit

Editions 14-25Edit

(NOTE: it's actually Editions 14-24 as there was no 13th edition made)

Catalogue picEdit

Game Refill (1964)Edit

Educational Concentration (1964)Edit

Endless Games era (1998, 2002)Edit

Only two edition were released at the time in 1998 and 2002 respectively. The first edition was to commemorate the shows' "40th Anniversary" while the second edition was standard.




Three books were issued by Horne in 1971. Written and designed by Norman Blumenthal himself, each one of the three issues of the collection featured 26 rebus puzzles, 30 standard and six "Super" puzzles in total.

Front & Back CoversEdit

All BooksEdit

Handheld GameEdit

An Electronic handheld game was released by Tiger Electronics in 1999. complete with the Narz-era theme and the 50s-70s logo. Like the '85 Orson Bean pilot, you matched words instead of prizes in order to reveal puzzle pieces from a 16-squared game board with no Wild Cards. NOTE: The relatively low-resolution screen meant the rebuses were usually oversimplified.


The Game Unit ItselfEdit

Video Slot MachineEdit

A Video Slot Machine was released by Bally Gaming Systems in 2002. (NOTE: It was once part of their "Cash for Life" series of slot machines.)


The Toppers and the machines themselvesEdit

Pics from the gameEdit

Mobile GameEdit

In 2008, Glu Mobile released a cell phone version based on the 2007 Mumbo Jumbo version mixing with the look, feel and style of the 1958-1978 version.


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Official website of the Concentration Video Slot Machine by Bally Gaming Systems (via Internet Archives)
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