Board GameEdit

Pressman published an edition of the Classic Concentration home game in 1988.

Computer GamesEdit

Softie/Sharedata released two editions of Classic Concentration in 1988.

Prior to this, it was re-released in a Classic Concentration/Card Sharks double pack.

In 2007, Mumbo Jumbo released a new downloadable version of Classic Concentration just simply called Concentration with newer puzzles and prizes.

Prior to this, boxed Purple and Blue versions of the game were released for some retail stores in 2007. (NOTE: Their played almost exactly the same.)

Video GameEdit

An NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) port of Classic Concentration was released by Gametek in 1990.


In 1991, the book "CLASSIC CONCENTRATION: The Game, The Show, the Puzzles" was written by puzzle designer Steve Ryan (and plugged on the air). This book showcased 152 full color rebuses designed from the Classic Concentration TV show with the first 48 of them simply showing the entire, exposed rebus and the other 104 showing a partially revealed game board, followed on the next page by the entire rebus. The book also showcased a lengthy Concentration history and an introduction by executive producer Mark Goodson.

iOS GamesEdit

In 2012, Siba Style Studios released an unlicensed Classic Concentraion like game for the iOS devices. It was originally called Memory, Pictures & Puzzles then it was retitled as Concentration with Friends later in 2013.


Official Website for the downloable PC game of Concentration courtesy of Mumbo Jumbo
Concentration app site

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