International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
CallMyBluffUKTve1390-19750313CallMyBluffUK1984Callmybluff mid80s aCall my bluff 1994 t995aCallmybluff 1998a England Call My Bluff Robin Ray (original host), Joe Melia, Peter Wheeler, Robert Robinson, Bob Holness, Fiona Bruce, Angus Deayton (2011 special) BBC 2 (1965-1988, 1994 special)
BBC 1 (1996-2005)
BBC Online (2011, special)
Otto leisner Denmark Fup eller Fakta (Scam or Facts) Otto Leisner, Erling Bungaard, Zita Boye-Moller  Danmarks Radio (1966-1991)

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