Aired Contestants Notes
1/5/1987 Debbie vs. Stacy Premiere
1/6/1987 Debbie vs. Karis
1/7/1987 Debbie vs. John
1/8/1987 Debbie vs. John
1/9/1987 Debbie vs. David First Ever Gold Run Win
1/12/1987 David vs. Andrea
1/13/1987 David vs. Linda
1/14/1987 David vs. Debbie
1/15/1987 Debbie vs. Bob
1/16/1987 Bob vs. Dianne
1/19/1987 Bob vs. Vanessa
1/20/1987 Bob vs. Annette From this episode on, a bannister was used for the winning contestant to hold on to, to play the Gold Run.
1/21/1987 Bob vs. Candy
1/22/1987 Bob vs. Laurel
1/23/1987 Laurel vs. Chris
1/26/1987 Laurel vs. Jackie
1/27/1987 Laurel vs. Madelyn
1/28/1987 Madelyn vs. Laura
1/29/1987 Madelyn vs. Randy
1/30/1987 Randy vs. Maria Maria gets bleeped
2/2/1987 Maria vs. Art
2/3/1987 Art vs. Ann
2/4/1987 Art vs. Christy
2/5/1987 Christy vs. Andy (Female)
2/6/1987 Andy vs. Robert
2/9/1987 Andy vs. Robert
2/10/1987 Andy vs. Anne
2/11/1987 Anne vs. Michele
2/12/1987 Anne vs. Tim
2/13/1987 Tin vs. Val
2/16/1987 Val vs. Kim Bill says it is a pleasure to have a contestant on Card Sharks
2/17/1987 Val vs. Susan
2/18/1987 Val vs. Janet
2/19/1987 Janet vs. Debbie Debbie returned due to an error made on the show, but was completely shut out.
2/20/1987 Bob vs. Grace
2/23/1987 Bob @ Gold Run
2/24/1987 Bob vs. Peggi
2/25/1987 Bob vs. Sharon
2/26/1987 Sharon vs. Mike
2/27/1987 Mike vs. Michelle
3/2/1987 Mike vs. Debbi
3/3/1987 Mike vs. Pat (Female)
3/4/1987 Mike vs. Ann
3/5/1987 Mike vs. Susan
3/6/1987 Susan vs. Jim
3/9/1987 Susan vs. Florence
3/10/1987 Susan vs. Florence
3/11/1987 Florence vs. Deb
3/12/1987 Florence vs. Duchess
3/13/1987 Florence vs. Sandy
3/16/1987 Florence @ Gold Run
3/17/1987 Florence vs. Joanie
3/18/1987 Joanie vs. Jeryl
3/19/1987 Joanie vs. Garrett
3/20/1987 Joanie @ Gold Run
3/23/1987 Joanie vs. Melinda
3/24/1987 Melinda vs. David A Gold Run Win for the first time in two weeks.
3/25/1987 David vs. Wendy
3/26/1987 David vs. Melannie
3/27/1987 Melannie vs. Deirdre
3/30/1987 Deirdre vs. Mayi $10,000 Gold Rush Win
3/31/1987 Deirdre vs. Tony
4/1/1987 Tony vs. Caroline
4/2/1987 Tony vs. Rhona
4/3/1987 Rhona vs. Michele
4/6/1987 Rhona vs. Michele
4/7/1987 Rhona @ Gold Run
4/8/1987 Rhona vs. Sam
4/9/1987 Rhona @ Gold Run
4/10/1987 Rhona vs. Jeanne
4/13/1987 Jeanne @ Gold Run
4/14/1987 Jeanne vs. Kieran
4/15/1987 Jeanne vs. Cindi
4/16/1987 Jeanne vs. Robyn
4/17/1987 Jeanne vs. Louise
4/20/1987 Jeanne vs. Leslie
4/21/1987 Jeanne vs. Denver
4/22/1987 Jeanne vs. Teri Jeanne has $40,000 and wins $10,000 more. She retired undefeated with $53,000.
4/23/1987 Holly @ Gold Run
4/24/1987 Holly vs. Denice $15,000 Gold Rush Win
4/27/1987 Holly @ Gold Run
4/28/1987 Holly vs. Faith The Gold Run board inadvertently gave her the game winning hexagon as Holly did not get her winning answer in time.
4/29/1987 Holly vs. Paul This would be the last time the Gold Run would be won.
4/30/1987 Paul vs. Patti
5/1/1987 Patti vs. Pete Finale.  The final champion, Patti, would play for $15,000 instead of what she would normally play for.  Since she lost the final Gold Run, Bill made an "executive decision" and gave her $1,000 in additional cash so that the show goes out on a high note.

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