Board GamesEdit

Lowell (1954, 1957)Edit

Released two editions, including a junior edition.

Endless Games (1999)Edit

They only released one edition of the game. (NOTE: The props and booklet stunts are exactly identical to that of the 1954 Lowell edition.)


Game BoxesEdit


A booklet titled "Let's Play Beat the Clock" was released in 1951. Featuring over 40 stunts you can play at home.


Valentine Dolls made Roxanne dolls in the 1950s.

Green Dress/Red Camera editionEdit

Red Dress/Blue Camera editionEdit


A "Target Game" is unknown to have been made/released or not.


In 2007, a DVD compliation titled "Game Shows of the 50s" paired up with I've Got a Secret featured four classic episodes in total.


Beat the Clock (Endless) Game Instructions

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