International Versions Edit

Logo Country Title Host Aired
Australia Free For All Ugly Dave Gray Nine (1973)
BeattheclockukBeattheclockuk1 England Beat the Clock Tommy Trinder (1955-58)
Bruce Forsyth (1958-60)
Don Arrol (1960-61)
Bruce Forsyth (1961-62)
Norman Vaughn (1962-65)
Jimmy Tarbuck (1965-67)
Jim Dale (1973-74)
Mike Smith (1987)
Bruce Forsyth (2000)
ITV (1955-1967, 1973-1974, 2000)
BBC1 (1987, special)
Germany Nur Nicht Nervos Werden Joachim Fuchsberger ARD (1960-1961)

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